Pedigree - Doggelganger - WebApp(Flash)
Made at Colenso BBDO - Auckland(NZ)

Doggelganger is a web app where users can compare themselves to their canine doppelganger, then choose to adopt it from the SPCA if they want to.

Doggelganger01 Doggelganger02 Doggelganger03

I crafted the animations in the app and I designed parts of the user interface of the site. I also designed the online media and facebook ads.

Doggelganger won the Digital Grand Prix at Spike Asia , a Cannes Bronze Lion, FWA Site of The Day, a Dope award and many other awards if you google it. Over 3.5 million unique page views, 1.4 million matches found, shared over 1.6 million times and SPCA adoptions increased by 112% (September 2011).